Let Dreamhost PHP support Zip extension

The default PHP of DreamHost is not support Zip extension.
To let it support Zip. You need following steps.
1) Have your own customized PHP compile, which I posted before.
2) Then need to installing PECL Zip
Followed the guide on wiki.
The only difference I did, is to move zip.so file from
Because I use cgi-bin as the extension folder.
Installation Difficult Rank: Easy
Time spend: 15 mins.
After install PECL zip extension, I can use PHP to create, modify, and read zip-format files.


  1. I have this exact same thing. Think I have my php5 compiled properly in /home/*******/cgi-bin/ so can’t see where the problem is…

  2. Hi David,
    wonderful script, just wanted to know if u can add the dbase extension support to the pecl script to add the dbase support as well like zip.

  3. Hi David, I have this problem when i run the script zip.sh .. it starts to run then says “Line 184:/home/username/php5/bin/phpize: No such file or directory
    Any ideas why i might be getting this?

  4. I noticed that you did not compile php5 on DH with –enable-zip and was wondering why you chose to not do this but use PECL to do the extension?

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