The default PHP of DreamHost is not support Zip extension.
To let it support Zip. You need following steps.
1) Have your own customized PHP compile, which I posted before.
2) Then need to installing PECL Zip
Followed the guide on wiki.
The only difference I did, is to move file from
Because I use cgi-bin as the extension folder.
Installation Difficult Rank: Easy
Time spend: 15 mins.
After install PECL zip extension, I can use PHP to create, modify, and read zip-format files.

David Yin

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5 Replies to “Let Dreamhost PHP support Zip extension

  1. Hi David,
    wonderful script, just wanted to know if u can add the dbase extension support to the pecl script to add the dbase support as well like zip.

  2. Hi David, I have this problem when i run the script .. it starts to run then says “Line 184:/home/username/php5/bin/phpize: No such file or directory
    Any ideas why i might be getting this?

  3. I noticed that you did not compile php5 on DH with –enable-zip and was wondering why you chose to not do this but use PECL to do the extension?

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