MovableType 4.1 Commercial Beta 1

Get the news from Sixapart. MovableType 4.1 Commercial Beta 1 is ready to download.
Please be noted that this is not the MTOS version. It is a commercial version, paid version.
There are tons of new features in MT4.1, including performance enhancements to make things run faster, improvements to the UI, user avatars, asset editing, even smarter templates, and much more.
Here is the list of Changes of v4.1
I do expect these new features from the list above.
1) Template Sets – developers can register template sets through the plugin API, and users can select and apply template sets to new and/or existing blogs.
Then I can make my own templates and save it as a template package. Easy to share.
2) Assets are now editable – the edit screen has been augmented as well with a lot of meta data about the asset including the display of the posts it is included within
Yes, Assets are new in MT4. I did move one blog from one server to the other. And everything is fine except the assets. The thumb image information is lost.
3) A bunch of new MT tags implemented. It is good for template designer.
4) Global Template Modules
When managing a BSP with MovableType, it is very helpful.
5) Userpic autodiscovery is performed during OpenID authentication
I don’t know when the official 4.1 will be released. Just waiting. If I have time, I may try this beta version on some test platform.

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