Today, the Movable Type 3.3 Beta-3 is released. 6A said they resolving about 140 cases.
And add some new items and some improvement into this Beta-3. Lite
This is a plugin implemented into the Beta-3. Now it is easy to including content from other blogs.
Enter the blog’s address, the plugin can find the feed automaticlly. It can be used with Widget plugin.
How to use it?
Under Templates section, you will find the link of Create a feed widget in Plugin Actions.
Click it to make a new feed module which will be found in modules.
To add this modules, you can use Widget or use include modules function.

This plugin is so good for the people like put others’ content into their own blog.
The following are other features added:
Lots of improvement to messaging within the application to clarify functionality such as notifications, import/export, StyleCatcher, deletion of authors and more
Massive improvements in internationalization/localization for both plugins and in the application.
The smooth operation of entry tag autocompletion even in Safari!
Bundling of the GoogleSearch plugin
Entry tags are now included in feeds and all other templates where entries are listed.
Usability improvements in both StyleCatcher and WidgetManager
Completion of full support for title-less entries (Hi Dan Sanderson and Rebecca Blood!)

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