Sixapart Release: Movable Type 3.2 Beta 3
This is maybe the final beta version.
I am waiting the final version to be launched.
The following are new features added into Beta3.

Introduced the new MT 3.2 default stylesheet: “Vicksburg”.
Upgrade process has been AJAXified to prevent timeouts for large databases
Removed restriction on number of login sessions per author so that you can be logged in via two browsers
Now shipping with the new Atom 1.0 feed template
Implemented blog-level setting for basename length limit. (Weblogs that are upgraded to 3.2 are configured to use the previous default of 15 characters. New weblogs get a default setting of 30 characters.)
Added support for assigning multiple categories and basename from QuickPost.
Added MTIfStatic and MTIfDynamic template tags, for checking which style of publishing is in use and using these to differentially build and display the sidebar content on all archive pages.
Category archives are now shown on the master archives index sidebar if those archives are enabled and dynamic publishing is used.
Added some additional choices for archive file template settings.
MT tags such as MTEntryBasename can be mixed with percent-specifiers like %c in a archive file path on the publishing settings page.
Added %i archive file template macro used for specifying the index filename (ie: “index.html”).
primary_category/entry_basename is now an option for archive file path.
Now beautifying published links by stripping index page names (ie, “index.html”). Added optional with_index attribute to all link tags to preserve the filename.
Added IndexBasename configuration directive for defining the index page basename (see previous feature). Default setting is “index”.
Added links from blog listing to the entry, comment, and TrackBack listings
Added itemset actions to system-wide listings
Trust/Ban are now available on system-wide comments screen.
Added ‘Unban’ and ‘Untrust’ actions to the Commenter row of the Edit Comment metadata table.
Added a template container tag, IfRequireCommentEmails, which prints its contents if email address is required from commenters.
Added an MTConfigFile tag which is now used in building the mtview.php script.
Now requiring both author email and password hint upon author creation and profile editing to ensure that the user can recover their password.
Plugin resources are now displayed in weblog context too.
Added accesskey attributes for preview (v) and post (s) to comment form in default templates.
Added accesskey (p) for QuickPost “Post” button
The default main menu welcome message is displayed in textarea field when editing the welcome message. Added accesskey (s) for saving welcome message.
Renamed entry statuses (Unpublished, Published, Schedules) and created good keyboard shortcuts for them.
MTSubCategories contained tag now admits top=”1″ parameter to list all categories, even on a category page.
Added UpgradeScript, MTAtomScript configuration directives which point to the respective scripts (defaults is mt-upgrade.cgi and mt-atom.cgi respectively).
Added WeblogDefaultTemplates configuration directive to specify the location of the default template directory (default is “default_templates”).
Added WSSETimeout configuration directive to control the Atom WSSE authentication timeout window (default is 120 seconds).
All CGI scripts now use the MT::Bootstrap module to locate the MT directory (and plugin authors can too!)
Added MT and MT::App methods for accesing configuration, query parameters and session data.
Added caching for plugin config objects.
Added support for HTML::Template file cache.
CMSPostEntrySave is now invoked after saving each entry through poweredit.
Now logging the events of creating or deleting a weblog in the Activity log
User ID is now logged when user is mentioned in any log message to avoid any question of the actual author’s identity
More helpful error messages (missing config file, quickpost with no weblogs…)
Improved display of plugin action listings.
Improved display of data import.

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