Upgrade my blog from Movable Type 4.01a to MovableType 4.1 on Dreamhost

I have tested the upgrade on the MT unofficial blog. It is smooth.
Now I recorded the detailed upgrade procedures of David Yin’s Blog.
1) Login the MovableType system, Backup all blogs of this system, by tab system > tools > backup
2) Use Export feature of the system, by tab system > tools > export
Export every individual blog.
3) SSH to the Dreamhost.
Use tar command to backup all related files.

tar czvf backup.tar.gz ~/yinfor.com/

4) Go to control panel of Dreamhost, Goodies > Manage MySQL > phpMyAdmin
Export the whole database.
Now I have the full backups on different levels. I am safe even the following upgrade fails.
1) SSH to Dreamhost

cd ~/temp/<br />wget http://www.movabletype.com/download/personal/MTP-4.1-en.tar.gz

2) Decompress the package

tar xvzf MTP-4.1-en.tar.gz

3) Copy the decompressed files into the mt cgi folder. I use mtcgi as the system folder.

cd ~/temp/MTP-4.1-en/<br />cp -r -f . ~/yinfor.com/mtcgi/

4) Now launch Firefox.
Enter https://www.yinfor.com/mtcgi/

Click “Begin Upgrade” to continue.

5) Then enter the user name and password to sign in.

6) After successful sign in, the upgrade starts.

The upgrade is finished.
The new look of the backend is shown as below:

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  1. Hows it work though…anything better than the last?

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