Upgrade my blog from Movable Type 4.12 to MovableType 4.14 on Dreamhost

SixApart releases MovableType 4.14 for some security upgrade.
* Release Type: Security Release. None of the fixed vulnerabilities has been exploited in the wild.
* Mandatory? This is a mandatory update for all users of Movable Type 3.36 and later.
* Performance Implications: None.
* Plugins Affected: None.
* Templates Affected: No changes in your templates are required.
* System Requirements: This release has no new or additional system requirements.
* Licensing considerations: None. MT 3.37, MT 4.01c and MT 4.13 are free updates for users of any version of MT3 and MT4 respectively.
* Upgrade Fatigue: No updates are scheduled until the release of MT 4.2, which is currently in the final stages of release. There will be no further releases before MT 4.2 unless significant security issues are found which require additional 4.x releases. It has been 46 days since the last recommended update to MT4.

I use a simple backup.
SSH to the Dreamhost.
Use tar command to backup all related files.
tar czvf backup.tar.gz ~/yinfor.com/mtcgi
1) SSH to Dreamhost
cd ~/temp/
wget http://www.movabletype.org/downloads/betas/security/MT-4.14-en.tar.gz
2) Decompress the package
tar xvzf MT-4.14-en.tar.gz
3) Copy the decompressed files into the mt cgi folder. I use mtcgi as the system folder.
cd ~/temp/MTP-4.14-en/
cp -r -f . ~/yinfor.com/mtcgi/
4) Now launch Firefox.
Enter https://www.yinfor.com/mtcgi/
5) Login and click upgrade.
6) All done.

David Yin

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