I have a PHP 5.5.13 which is compiled from source. With GD support.

I saw some image thumb is not shown in the webpage of Joomla. The error log has following errors:
Call to undefined function: imagecreatefromjpeg()

When I check the phpinfo, I saw GIF enabled, PNG enabled, WBMP enabled, XBM enabled, but jpeg is missing.
The screenshot above is get from inside of Joomla system information.

I checked the PHP official site. The solution is as below.

1) Make sure JPEG is installed

yum install libjpeg libjpeg-devel

2) Re-compile PHP 5.5.13
Because I make and install PHP just hours ago in the same source folder, I have to clean the folder first.

cd php-5.5.13
make clean

Then, make and install (Because it is a X86 system, or 32bit system, the lib directory is lib, jpeg-dir is /usr/lib)

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/php55 \
    --with-config-file-path=/etc/php55 \
    --with-config-file-scan-dir=/etc/php55/php.d \
    --with-libdir=lib \
    --with-mysql \
    --with-mysqli \
    --enable-mbstring \
    --disable-debug \
    --disable-rpath \
    --with-bz2 \
    --with-curl \
    --with-gettext \
    --with-iconv \
    --with-openssl \
    --with-gd \
    --with-mcrypt \
    --with-pcre-regex \
    --with-zlib \
    --enable-cgi \
    --enable-exif \
    --enable-zip \
    --with-gmp \
    --enable-ftp \
    --enable-shmop \
    --enable-sockets \
make install

It is just a re-compiling for PHP, nothing else changed. So restart Apache to make it effect.

It is from phpinfo page.

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