I posted PHP connect DBF file with a sample. Now Pierre left the message and asked why error comes up.
I doing some tests and get the answer.
1) The database.dbf is reserved name.
2) The field name is always capital.

Let me give the better sample here.

$strsql= 'SELECT * FROM dat.dbf';
$query = odbc_exec($odbc, $strsql) or die (odbc_errormsg());
while($row = odbc_fetch_array($query))
echo 'Client Name: '.$row['NAME'].'
echo 'Client Phone Number: '.$row['PHONE'].'
echo '<hr />';

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One Reply to “PHP connect DBF file update”

  1. i copied and tested the code you provided.. but still i always end up with this error.
    Warning: odbc_exec() [function.odbc-exec]: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC dBase Driver] Syntax error in FROM clause., SQL state 37000 in SQLExecDirect in G:\wamp\www\MAPS\Map for Web 2011\trial.php on line 4
    [Microsoft][ODBC dBase Driver] Syntax error in FROM clause.
    what will i do to solve this problem?

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