Gap in the words

When a person lived in Canada four or five yeas, the understanding is totally different.
He has a viewpoint and want to express it in his native language to the visitor from his native country. The result is misunderstant. The focus, target of meaning, is not being relized.
The reason is the thinking in different way.
Chinese from main land, often looking for the gaps in the law. They have a very worse environment. The regular way, the way regulared by law, is not in reason generally.
Canadian often follow the law. It is simply way and I think over 90% Canadians are do everything by this way.
Just like a piece of paper. You give one calculator to a Canadian. He read guideline carefully and learn how to use it. Chinese will leave the guide in the box and pull the calculator to use or hack it. They like to find their own way to use it.

Chinese have the ability to find the gap between the words, or the meaning behind the words.
Canadian just look at the words.