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Xi Changes History or Tampers it

Economist 2015 Auguest Issue has a cover story of Xi. The title is Xi’s history lessons The sub-title is The communist Party is plundering history to justify its present-day ambitions. 历史就是一个任人打扮的小姑娘 History is just a little girl. If you want, you can dress up her as you like.

Education Unrest at Hong Kong

Reading the newspaper, 24hours. There are small paragraph about Education unrest at Hong Kong. Thousands of protesters surrounded Hong Kong’s government headquarters on Monday over a plan to introduce a pro-China school curriculum that they describe as an attempt to branwash students. Chanting “No to brain washing education. Withdraw national education,” some 8000 people denounced

To a 22 years old Chinese Girl from Shanghai

I received one postcard from England yesterday. A girl, just pass 22 birthday, has this special event for anyone who want to give a blessing to her. Farewell 22 postcard by @hELLoELL View more presentations from ELL L She took a picture on her birthday and print out as postcard. If you want one card

Another VOIP service provider – SmartVoip

From VoipStunt to poivY. Now I start to use SmartVoip. These three service providers are same compony with different name. And I also think they use same user database. Because when I try to use same name of VoipStunt on Poivy, it show me that the user name is taken by other people. They all

Interview with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao

Below is the complete transcript of Fareed Zakaria’s interview with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. The interview was taped September 23, and portions were shown on “Fareed Zakaria GPS” on September 28. Zakaria: We are now beginning the formal interview, just so everyone realizes. Wen Jiabao: Before we begin, I would like to let you know

Death toll climbed to 14,866 in China Earthquake

This morning, The official death toll climbed to 14,866, as rescuers pulled at tangled chunks of buildings for signs of life on Wednesday. Hundreds of thousands of troops, firefighters and civilians raced to save more than 25,000 people buried across a wide swathe of southwest Sichuan province under collapsed schools, factories and hospitals after Monday’s

China Earthquake left 12,000 death

I got China Earthquake news just after it happen. I was surfing at 1:00AM (PST) May 12. My friends from China send this news through MSN and QQ. News Site reported that it is in Wenshui(汶水), Sichan(四川). I tried to contact my friend, XiaoQing, right in Sichan. I tried different ways, such as cellphone, MSN,

APE to MP3 on Windows 2000

I posted How to convert APE to MP3 in Chinese one year ago. Now I feel it is not completed to explain the whole story for converting and some setting for the program working on Windows 2000 English version. How to Convert APE to MP3 on Windows 2000? I have following files download somewhere. Do