Economist 2015 Auguest Issue has a cover story of Xi. The title is Xi’s history lessons The sub-title is The communist Party is plundering history to justify its present-day ambitions. 历史就是一个任人打扮的小姑娘 History is just a little girl. If you want, you can dress up her as you like.Continue Reading

Reading the newspaper, 24hours. There are small paragraph about Education unrest at Hong Kong. Thousands of protesters surrounded Hong Kong’s government headquarters on Monday over a plan to introduce a pro-China school curriculum that they describe as an attempt to branwash students. Chanting “No to brain washing education. Withdraw nationalContinue Reading

I posted How to convert APE to MP3 in Chinese one year ago. Now I feel it is not completed to explain the whole story for converting and some setting for the program working on Windows 2000 English version. How to Convert APE to MP3 on Windows 2000? I haveContinue Reading

Have you seen this before? A donkey with a mask is working so hard. It never say NO. This photo was taken in someplace in China. The current Chinese government also want the people work like a donkey. Great FireWall is a big mask for Internet users of China. IfContinue Reading