To a 22 years old Chinese Girl from Shanghai

I received one postcard from England yesterday.
A girl, just pass 22 birthday, has this special event for anyone who want to give a blessing to her.

She took a picture on her birthday and print out as postcard. If you want one card and say “Happy 22nd Birthday”, click the link below.
If you are from China and has a taobao account, click here.
She is from Shanghai, China. Now she is an international student in University of Swansea, major in business management.

I gave CNY22.00 to exchange a postcard. I don’t want to say buy. I can feel it is a hope from a young girl. We can not break it. We have to protect it.
When I show this post card to my two daughters, Grace is 11, Gloria is 8, they are laughing. Maybe they are hesitate to see the body.
I told them, when I am 22, I am dating with your mom. Almost two years later, we got married. 5 years later, we have Grace.
Not that fast, but it is really fast when you look back.
Here is the blog of helloell, more pictures at webpage of the special event.