National Chinese Stem Cell Drive

I joined the OneMatch program years ago. The procedure to test is painless.
Now they have a program for Chinese in Canada. I hope every suitable age Chinese can join in. For you and for the other Asian in Canada.
The following email is received from OneMatch.
We’re emailing you today to ask for your help. You can spread the word of some up-coming stem cell awareness and buccal swab collection events organized by our partner, OtherHalf – Chinese Stem Initiative.
Please encourage other socially minded Canadians in Toronto and Vancouver on March 27th to be ‘The One.’


The events run from 11:00am to 5:00pm at First Markham Place (Markham, ON), Splendid China Mall (Scarborough, ON), the Chinese Gospel Church (Chinatown, 450 Dundas St. W) and the Aberdeen Centre (Richmond, BC).

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