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SphinxSearch WARNING: word overrun buffer, clipped!!!

It is a warning information when the cronjob running every night.  This cronjob is used to update or re-index the phpBB powered forum, which is a Chinese forum.

The whole error is a kind of a list of warning with same problem.

WARNING: word overrun buffer, clipped!!!
clipped (len=126, word='请注意只有使用中国付款互联网付款服务支持的中国信用卡和借记卡才可以启动该话务中心的服')
original (len=126, word='请注意只有使用中国付款互联网付款服务支持的中国信用卡和借记卡才可以启动该话务中心的服')
WARNING: word overrun buffer, clipped!!!
clipped (len=126, word='我想不管你后面是因为衣服的问题还是喜欢不喜欢的问题应该不能退了如果当时店里的人已经告')
original (len=126, word='我想不管你后面是因为衣服的问题还是喜欢不喜欢的问题应该不能退了如果当时店里的人已经告')
WARNING: word overrun buffer, clipped!!!
clipped (len=126, word='新的网上申请表含有条形码而这些条形码将可以允许我们电子传输信息从而减少了签证申请过程')
original (len=126, word='新的网上申请表含有条形码而这些条形码将可以允许我们电子传输信息从而减少了签证申请过程')

How to solve the problem with the overrun buffer warning?

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DIY Chinese Visa Photo

Here is a How-to guide to DIY Chinese Visa Photo.

The requirement of it is 33mm x 48mm, a little bit smaller than 2 inches.

Here is a sample picture from official China embass website.


So just take a picture by yourself and use any photo editing tool you like.

1) Make it 300dpi.

2) Crop the pic per above

3) Change the image size to 470 pixel width,  600 pixel height.

4) Prepare all pictures of your family.

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Hotmail has a bug on Firefox with attachment file name in Chinese

Microsoft Hotmail, or live, or outlook has the bug. It only happens when you received the email with an attachment, which has Chinese file name. And also you are using Firefox to open it.
As shown the screen shot below. the attachment has a Chinese file name with a normal extension name .pps. It is a Powerpoint file.
In Firefox, when I click to download, it pop up an download confirmation window, one underscore is added in the front, another underscore is added in the end of the file name. The extension name is changed to .pps_. Then the default program supposed to open the Powerpoint file can not open this file. I have to manually rename the file and let it run.

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My Chinese Traditional Shoes

When I am a kid, my grandma makes shoes for us, my brothers and me. The Chinese traditional black shoes for all-seasons, and the one for winter.
She passed away more than ten years. I missed her. Her house and mine are in the same block in Shanghai. I just said: Mom, I am going to Grandma’s home., then I went to her house in 2 minutes in a run.
I was playing the wood blocks and hammer and nail.
I always want to have an old style shoes. It is made by cloth and strings.
Here is the new one my brother gave to me last month.

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Got my Kindle Touch Wifi

I received it the day before yesterday. Only two days in transit from Campbellsville KY US to Burnaby BC, Canada through UPS.
It is a small package. Open it, only the Kindle Touch device and a one piece quick start paper inside. Oh, and the USB cable.
Let me have a look at it.

I connected the USB cable to computer, and transfer one Chinese book to it. Later, I disconnected it, and open the book to test. The Chinese character looks wired. They are in different font size or weight.

The Chinese character with red circle is a little bit thin and looks smaller than others. It is very poor experience when I read Chinese book on Kindle Touch with 5.0.1 software.
First of all, I am thinking about do some trick to fix it. Just like I did on Kindle Keyboard before. Replaced font size and font configuration file.
But at the last I think I check the software, or firmware version first. When I look at the firmware version of device info, it shows 5.0.1. The software on Amazon website said it can be upgraded to 5.1.2

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To a 22 years old Chinese Girl from Shanghai

I received one postcard from England yesterday.
A girl, just pass 22 birthday, has this special event for anyone who want to give a blessing to her.

She took a picture on her birthday and print out as postcard. If you want one card and say “Happy 22nd Birthday”, click the link below.
If you are from China and has a taobao account, click here.
She is from Shanghai, China. Now she is an international student in University of Swansea, major in business management.

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National Chinese Stem Cell Drive

I joined the OneMatch program years ago. The procedure to test is painless.
Now they have a program for Chinese in Canada. I hope every suitable age Chinese can join in. For you and for the other Asian in Canada.
The following email is received from OneMatch.
We’re emailing you today to ask for your help. You can spread the word of some up-coming stem cell awareness and buccal swab collection events organized by our partner, OtherHalf – Chinese Stem Initiative.
Please encourage other socially minded Canadians in Toronto and Vancouver on March 27th to be ‘The One.’


The events run from 11:00am to 5:00pm at First Markham Place (Markham, ON), Splendid China Mall (Scarborough, ON), the Chinese Gospel Church (Chinatown, 450 Dundas St. W) and the Aberdeen Centre (Richmond, BC).

See Through

This carton is made by a Chinese boy, born in 1980.
The name is “See Through”. The Chinese name is Da, Da Ge Da Xi Gua, which means, Fight, Fight for a Watermelon.
It is a cool video. I think you will like it.

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