I would like to introduce this network for every Canadian adult.
I joined this network and have my blood information on its database.
The first step to do is to go to One Match site. Filling the online form and wait them contact you.
Basicly you will get an phone call to confirm you really want to join it and make sure you know what you do.
Then you will receive a mail with a test swab pack including return envelope.
The test kit has instruction and it is easy for you to collect test sample yourself.
I have an photo of it.

Just use the swab to touch the inner cheek to get sample by four times. And mail it out.
The network will let lab to doing the test and try to match it with others’.
If match, you can save a life.
Do not fear the process to retrive the stem cell. It is a hi-tech age. Stem cells can be obtained from the circulating blood.

David Yin

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