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Omron BP765CAN Blood Pressure Monitor

It is a good deal. $12 off at Costco. After discount, $47.99. The model is BP765CAN. In LondonDrugs, BP760CAN is $109.99 original price, $89.99 as Manager’s special price. Compared with other models, Omron BP765CAN has following advantages. Built-in Arm Cuff Storage Case Arm cuff fits both standard and large-sized arms. Two users. 100 records per

Share your vitality

Received a mail from Canadian Blood Services last Thursday. It is confirm I have joined One Match stem cell and marrow network. They begin the process of adding my name and HLA typing results to the Network. It is so wonderful, if I can give the most important thing to other people. Just like share

One Match Stem Cell and Marrow Network

I would like to introduce this network for every Canadian adult. I joined this network and have my blood information on its database. The first step to do is to go to One Match site. Filling the online form and wait them contact you. Basicly you will get an phone call to confirm you really