Omron BP765CAN Blood Pressure Monitor

It is a good deal. $12 off at Costco. After discount, $47.99. The model is BP765CAN. In LondonDrugs, BP760CAN is $109.99 original price, $89.99 as Manager’s special price.

Compared with other models, Omron BP765CAN has following advantages.

  • Built-in Arm Cuff Storage Case
  • Arm cuff fits both standard and large-sized arms.
  • Two users.
  • 100 records per user.
  • bp765can-in-box

Let me show you the inside. My first use data. Just ignore the messy desk.


It is easy to use. And I can track back my blood pressure records.

Here is a photo I taken at LondonDrugs.


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