Just $1.56 to Unlock your Cell Phone

It is true. Only $1.56 or £0.99 to unlock you cell phone. The service provider is in UK. I am in Canada. It is not problem for him to get the unlock key.
Two weeks ago, I unlocked two cell phones. Both are locked by Telus. I did call the custom service. They told me they can do it, but I have to pay $35. It is so unfair. It is my own phone, I purchased from Telus. And Telus locked it and if I want to unlock it, they will charge me more money. Of course, I ran away when I heard the $35 charge.
I unlocked my Fido phone and AT&T phones about four, five years ago. I paid about $5 to $8 each. But the service provider are not there any more.
I google it and found one service provider on eBay. The price is only £0.99. It is about $1.50. I think it is just a cup of coffee. Just try it. If it is not working, I can get refund, or very small loss.
I get the IMEI code from my HTC desire HD. I put the code in message box when I order the unlock code. About ten minutes, I got the code through email. I enter the code following the instruction, it works. Perfect. I am so happy.

Two days later, I order a code for LG Shine Plus. It took less one hour to receiving the unlock code.
The service is fast and reliable. The price so low. I think no body can resisted.
So, no matter where you live, if you want to unlock the phone, just go to the vender page, unlockdoctor
By the way, I am thinking about to escape from Telus. My contract with Telus has 5 months left. I am going to do the research and find the one suitable for me.

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