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Just $1.56 to Unlock your Cell Phone

It is true. Only $1.56 or £0.99 to unlock you cell phone. The service provider is in UK. I am in Canada. It is not problem for him to get the unlock key.
Two weeks ago, I unlocked two cell phones. Both are locked by Telus. I did call the custom service. They told me they can do it, but I have to pay $35. It is so unfair. It is my own phone, I purchased from Telus. And Telus locked it and if I want to unlock it, they will charge me more money. Of course, I ran away when I heard the $35 charge.
I unlocked my Fido phone and AT&T phones about four, five years ago. I paid about $5 to $8 each. But the service provider are not there any more.
I google it and found one service provider on eBay. The price is only £0.99. It is about $1.50. I think it is just a cup of coffee. Just try it. If it is not working, I can get refund, or very small loss.
I get the IMEI code from my HTC desire HD. I put the code in message box when I order the unlock code. About ten minutes, I got the code through email. I enter the code following the instruction, it works. Perfect. I am so happy.

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IR Universal Remote Control User Guide for Telus HD Box

I just start to use Telus TV service since 2012. I have a HD Box without PVR function. The remote control looks like the one below.


For reference only, I put the User Guide here. If, you have same module, you can use the guide to programe it. It will work with your TV, DVD player, STB (Telus box), and one AUX.

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Switch from Shaw to Telus

From this month, I switch from Shaw to Telus. I am just using Internet and Basic TV. When I am with Shaw, I have to pay $89.49 a month including tax. Which is including Personal TV package and High-Speed Internet.
Now I am using Telus. Including Optik High Speed and Optik TV Essentials. The deal is $19.95 per month plus tax. Total is about $22.35.
It is one year contract.
Let me see the speed first. I am heavily user of Internet. There are 3 Desktops, 2 Laptops, and a lot of wifi devices.
Essential TV package has about 30 English TV channels. Which also include Free HD channels.

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Start to use HTC Desire HD

Last week, I got my new cellphone, HTC Desire HD. I used this cellphone two months as a temporary replacement last year. I feel it is a good Android phone.

So, when I am asked to pick one replacement as a new cellphone. I chose HTC Desire HD.
Telus send it in two days after ordering by phone.

It is a small box.

Look at the box

Took the phone and see the back of it and stuff in side of the box.

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TELUS LG Shine Plus got Android 2.3.3 upgrade finaly

Almost one year past. LG Shine Plus get it latest upgrade OS.
When I bought it in March 2011, it shipped with Android 2.1.
New OS brings some features I like.
1) App2SD works.
2) GUI looks more beautiful, and fonts are clear.
Because I do not jailbreak the phone, so App2SD is more important to me than others.
By move some data or programs to SD, I can install more Apps to it.
here you can download the firmware and also has upgrade instruction.

Got new smartphones with Telus

We, my wife and I want two basic phone plan. We have very few calls. We want we can call each other for free.
In the Brentwood Mall, I took three flies from the three major players of the Canadian cellphone market.
Including Telus, Fido, Rogers, Then we sit in the food court. Doing the research.
Our final decision is to switch from Fido to Telus.
Telus can let me have one account. Under this account, I can put in two phone numbers, or plans, maximum 5 numbers.
Any calls between the phones under the same account are free. Unlimited.
That is great.
I am also happy with the new smartphone they provided.
I choose 3 years of contracts for both Vivian and me. So we can have two smartphones for free.
I do not want a Data plan. I just need a voice plan. The phone can support Wifi is a bonus.
I got LG Shine Plus with Google.
The module number is LG-C710H.

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Shaw Increased Price

Just noticed that, from September 1, 2010, Shaw Cable increased her price. My Shaw Invoice is changed from $79.46 to $82.82. Actually, because of HST, the total price is changed from $76.60 to $79.46 from July 1, 2010.
So the all difference is $82.82 – $76.60= $6.22. About 8% increase.
It has more increase than the average Canadian inflation rate. If you use tools from Bank of Canada, Inflation Calculator, you can see the inflation rate from 2009 to 2010 is only 1.74%.
Same service, Higher price. I am shame on Shaw.
I will consider to change the services currently with Shaw. Telus is a potential service provider.

Shaw and Telus service comparation v.2010

Here, in Vancouver, most of the people use Shaw or Telus for their TV, Internet and Telephone.
Actually, Shaw is a Cable TV company. Telus is a telephone company. Now they provide the service crossover.
I do my third compare during last 6 years. I did it every two year.
The information based on the location of Burnaby, British Columbia.
The price or cost does not include device purchase, or some special promotion for new customer.

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DNS update : Shaw vs. Telus

I changed my site’s DNS setting through 1and1 yesterday. The site can not be reached about 1 day average. The same situation I met almost two or three times a year.
I browse my site properly last night. I use Shaw Cable at home. They always update their DNS server very quickly.
The problem is Telus. I have nothing to do in my office this morning, which use Telus.
Telus’s DNS server still has my old IP address.
How to access my site?
I changed TCP/IP setting in my workstation.
Firstly, get the IP address of DNS server from my home computer.
Click Run, enter command to get the command prompt.
Enter ipconfig/all, records the IP address of DNS Servers.
Secondly, go to my office PC, in TCP/IP properties, enter the IP address I got above into the preferred DNS server.
Now I can use the Shaw’s DNS server through Telus Internet connection.

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