We, my wife and I want two basic phone plan. We have very few calls. We want we can call each other for free.
In the Brentwood Mall, I took three flies from the three major players of the Canadian cellphone market.
Including Telus, Fido, Rogers, Then we sit in the food court. Doing the research.
Our final decision is to switch from Fido to Telus.
Telus can let me have one account. Under this account, I can put in two phone numbers, or plans, maximum 5 numbers.
Any calls between the phones under the same account are free. Unlimited.
That is great.
I am also happy with the new smartphone they provided.
I choose 3 years of contracts for both Vivian and me. So we can have two smartphones for free.
I do not want a Data plan. I just need a voice plan. The phone can support Wifi is a bonus.
I got LG Shine Plus with Google.
The module number is LG-C710H.

Vivian got Lg Optimus One with Google.
The module number is LG-P500H.
They are all supported by Google Android.
Mine is Android 2.1. Hers is built-in Android 2.2.

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  1. I got the same phone and Telus $35 plan recently.
    The wifi access is quite useful. Many free apps are available on an Android OS making this device more like a miniturized “netbook” rather than a phone.
    It has a FM radio, GPS feature, and camera. Great
    for traveling.

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