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Solve Data Problems and Increase Your Revenues

If you need a service management revenue team you should look for one that offers an efficient, integrated solution approach. When software and data is integrated with managed services a well-organized cohesive solution will be provided for your technology company’s renewals of maintenance, support and subscription agreements. Fundamental units of your business success, such as optimization of the process for service contract renewals, data management, marketing and service revenue business intelligence are additional components you should expect from your service management review team.

Paying for a service that doesn’t live up to its estimated performance doesn’t help your company. Generating revenue is the purpose for contracting with a service management team. Therefore, instead of a flat fee for service, a service management team ought to be paid according to the renewal sales they have been able to produce. A company with experience and proven track record of helping its customers, not only meet, but increase their revenue renewal rates are necessary credits when determining your best choice.

Experience in markets around the world is a reality for company success in the 21st century. Service management teams, like those at, have the credentials to help your company with its data problems wherever you and your satellite offices might be located.

Just $1.56 to Unlock your Cell Phone

It is true. Only $1.56 or £0.99 to unlock you cell phone. The service provider is in UK. I am in Canada. It is not problem for him to get the unlock key.
Two weeks ago, I unlocked two cell phones. Both are locked by Telus. I did call the custom service. They told me they can do it, but I have to pay $35. It is so unfair. It is my own phone, I purchased from Telus. And Telus locked it and if I want to unlock it, they will charge me more money. Of course, I ran away when I heard the $35 charge.
I unlocked my Fido phone and AT&T phones about four, five years ago. I paid about $5 to $8 each. But the service provider are not there any more.
I google it and found one service provider on eBay. The price is only £0.99. It is about $1.50. I think it is just a cup of coffee. Just try it. If it is not working, I can get refund, or very small loss.
I get the IMEI code from my HTC desire HD. I put the code in message box when I order the unlock code. About ten minutes, I got the code through email. I enter the code following the instruction, it works. Perfect. I am so happy.

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What Type of Professional Should Earn the HP CSA?

Testslive is a one-stop site to provide the prepairation material for the exams of HP CSA – Converged Infrastructure Administration Certification.

Unlike other certifications, the HP CSA – Converged Infrastructure Administration is primarily targeted towards HP customers, partners, or employees. Since this is a professional level certification, HP expects interested professionals to have advanced level skills and prior relevant work experience. If a candidate is interested in earning this certification, they should have previous experience being responsible for the daily operations of a data center. Additionally, candidates interested in obtaining this certification should have daily experience working within a converged infrastructure environment.

Professionals who earn this HP certification demonstrate to potential employers that they are able to operate a data center efficiently and effectively. Candidates who wish to earn this certification must be able to prove that they can use the tools that have been implemented in a data center in order to support the converged environment. Also, they must be highly skilled in tuning and troubleshooting, and related concepts. The ability to use the tools associated with HP Operations Orchestration is needed by professionals who wish to earn this certification so that they can adequately provision resources and services.

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Another VOIP service provider – SmartVoip

From VoipStunt to poivY. Now I start to use SmartVoip.
These three service providers are same compony with different name. And I also think they use same user database.
Because when I try to use same name of VoipStunt on Poivy, it show me that the user name is taken by other people.
They all provide free call to Mainland China on landline and cell when they are just launched. Later, the free cellphone call is taken away. And more later, the China is not free any more. Then I have to switch to another VOIP provider.
So if you have time to go through these three provider. It approves my point.
Voipstunt doesn’t provide free minutes to China.
poivY has free call to China, with Landline only.
SmartVoip does provide free Landline and Mobile to China.
SmartVoip has a little bit difference from the others.
It ask for EUO$15 to top up the credit instead of EUO$10.

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The Key Indicators of VPS

I purchased one VPS last week.
There are hundred VPS provider in North America. How do I make a decision.
Let’s talk about the Key Indicators of comparision of VPS.
1) Guaranteed Memory
2) Rebusted Memory
3) Disk Limit
4) Traffic Limit
5) Control Panel
6) OS options
7) IP address
8) Price
After two days research based on these Key Indicators. I decided to make an order at Swvps.
One more important thinking is that I want to use the service provider which has no regular hosting service.
I will give you the detail review of Swvps service.

Change my long distance phone service provider to poivY

I used Voipstunt as my long distance phone service provider almost two years. It gave good quality phone connection.
Now I change to poivY. A new voip provider name, but actually same company as voipstunt.
The most important reason is that China main land is the free call country in poivY.
All setting is similar to voipstunt. Let me describe how to use it.
1) Sign up the account.
2) Buy credit about US$15 to top up the account.
3) Call free in 90 Freedays to free countries or area.
Including Canada, Chian, USA, UK, etc. For full list please click here.
4) Max 300 minutes per week of free calls.
5) After 90 days, the normal rate apply.
Say, China USD0.027/min, USA USD0.02/min.
The Setting of SIP device shown as below:

SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your PoivY username
Password : your PoivY password
Display name/number : your PoivY username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :

You can still download the softphone to use through your desktop.

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