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To a 22 years old Chinese Girl from Shanghai

I received one postcard from England yesterday.
A girl, just pass 22 birthday, has this special event for anyone who want to give a blessing to her.

She took a picture on her birthday and print out as postcard. If you want one card and say “Happy 22nd Birthday”, click the link below.
If you are from China and has a taobao account, click here.
She is from Shanghai, China. Now she is an international student in University of Swansea, major in business management.

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Jin Mao Tower

I have been Jin Mao Tower of Shanghai. It is 2009-09-02.
We took the subway No.2 to Pudong. Just walk to Jin Mao Tower. The Shanghai Grand Hyatt is the famous hotel there. It occupies floors 53 to 87. It is total 88-story.
We did not go to the F/88.
The 88th floor (not part of the hotel) houses the Skywalk, a 1,520 m2 indoor observation deck with a capacity of 1,000+ people. In addition to the panoramic views of Shanghai, it offers a topside view of the hotel atrium below. It also includes a small post office. Access is through two express elevators from the basement that travel at 9.1m/s and take 45 seconds to reach the top. As of 2009 admission to the 88th floor costs RMB 88, or RMB 45 for children.
We are two adults, two kids.
Finally we went to 54/F: The hotel lobby and Grand café, served by an express elevator from the tower’s ground floor. We seated in the cafe, and order some dimsum, cost about RMB300. It is better than F/88.
It is such a beautiful city. I love it. My home town.

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How to setup Dial Plan for VoipStunt at Sipura SPA phone adapter

I use VoipStunt as one of the important phone services. I make at least two international long distance phone calls per day.
I have a custimized dial plan. It is easy for my daughters, one 6, the other is 3 years old.
They can dial phone to their grand-parents by themselves.
It is very easy. Just dial two digits and phone rings.
Let’s see what I set.
In the dial plan field, which is under Admin>Advanced>Line 1. I use line 1 for Voipstunt service.


Look, 00xx. means all phone call must be followed by 00. For example, if I want to call San Francisco USA, I have to dial 0014152222222. 1 stands for USA country code, 4152222222 is the phone number of whom I want to call.
For another example, I want to call Shanghai China. His phone number is 66666666. I have to dial 00862166666666. 86 is country of China, 21 is area code of Shanghai.

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