Death toll climbed to 14,866 in China Earthquake

This morning, The official death toll climbed to 14,866, as rescuers pulled at tangled chunks of buildings for signs of life on Wednesday.
Hundreds of thousands of troops, firefighters and civilians raced to save more than 25,000 people buried across a wide swathe of southwest Sichuan province under collapsed schools, factories and hospitals after Monday’s 7.9 magnitude quake.
China government send the first request for help to other country, Japan.
China has asked Japan for aid after an earthquake killed nearly 12,000 people and Tokyo is set to provide an initial $4.8 million in cash and goods, the Japanese foreign minister said on Tuesday.
Japan itself suffered a devastating earthquake in Kobe in 1995 that killed more than 6,400 and caused an estimated $100 billion in damage.
The United States, Britain, the European Union, South Korea and Taiwan have also offered assistance since the disaster, which came three months ahead of the Beijing Olympics.
The International Olympic Committee on Tuesday said it had decided to donate $1.0 million and the United Nations also offered support.

The Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations from the Canadian public to support the relief efforts that are already underway.

Canadian Red Cross has the donation online facility to let Canadian donation by Credit Card.
Choose Fund Designation to China Earthquake. The minimum amount is $25.
If you have a blog or site, you can also give your hand to them. Put the banner I made for donation through Canadian Red Cross.

Just copy and paste the code below to put the Red Cross banner on your blog.
<a href=”″ target=”_blank”><img src=””/></a>
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