CloudFront has Reports now

Amazon announced that CloudFront Usage Charts is available in Report and Analytics.

We are excited to let you know that you can now view your Amazon CloudFront usage with CloudFront Usage Charts, six new charts in the AWS Management Console. You can use the charts to track trends in data transfer and requests (both HTTP and HTTPS) for each of your active CloudFront Web distributions. The charts show your usage from each CloudFront region at daily or hourly granularity, going back up to 60 days, and they also include totals, average, and peak usage during the time interval selected.

Here are details on the six charts:

  • Number of HTTP Requests; Number of HTTPS Requests: These two charts (one for HTTP and one for HTTPS) show the number of HTTP or HTTPS requests served by edge locations in the selected region for the specified CloudFront distribution.
  • Data Transferred over HTTP; Data Transferred over HTTPS: These two charts (again, one each for HTTP and HTTPS) show the total amount of data transferred over HTTP or HTTPS from CloudFront.
  • Data Transferred from CloudFront Edge Locations to Your Users: This chart shows data transferred from CloudFront edge locations in the selected region to users, combining both HTTP and HTTPS usage.
  • Data Transferred from CloudFront to Your Origin: This chart shows data transferred from CloudFront edge locations in the selected region to your origin for POST, PUT PATCH, OPTIONS, and DELETE methods, again combining both HTTP and HTTPS.



How to access the report?

Go to Amazon AWS Management Console, Select CloudFront, on the left navigation  penal, click Reports & Analytics.

From report, user can choose date range, CDN distribution.

And also Region: including Australia, Europe, Hongkong Philippines S.Korea Singapore & Taiwan, India, Japan, South America, USA.


This report provides a trend of the traffic and usage.  It is a free feature. No additional charge.

If you want a more details help, click here.




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