Go back to Amazon AWS CloudFront

I start to use CDN from April 2010, with MaxCDN. Later, I moved to Amazon, FrontCloud in August, 2010.
For some reason, I move back to MaxCDN. I start to use MaxCDN again from June 2012. In April 2013, I started to use CDN77.
A few days ago, in March 2014, I go back to Amazon AWS CloudFront. It is a reliable CDN service provider. The price is pay as you go. Based on my network volume, I prefer this price structure.

I setup CloudFront with custom origin server. Add CNAME on it. One of the CDN rules is to use two CDN host name, not one, not three. Two is the perfect number and best performance.

I tested my new CloudFront CDN ping value through CA ping tool. There are over 30 monitoring stations worldwide. My testing result is:

  • AWS CloudFront CDN,

Average: 48.29
Median: 3.05

  • CDN77 CDN

Average: 51.69
Median: 20.15

It shows that CloudFront has better ping value.

The original testing data link.

Testing tool provided by CA Technologies. http://cloudmonitor.ca.com/en/ping.php


Let me look at the price details of CloudFront

Regional Data Transfer Out to Internet (per GB), various price per location.

First 10 TB / month — Max $0.25

Request Pricing for All HTTP Methods (per 10,000), various price per location.

HTTP requests — Max $0.0160

So the monthly bill will shown as below:

Data transfer GB X 0.25 + Requests X 0.0160 = Amount payable.

So wait and see. I will start to use CloudFront instead of CDN77 on all my sites.