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Traffic Reports

It is already twelve days past. I started a new campaign since March 20. Here is an update of it. From 2019.03.20 to 2019.3.30 Compared with the previous year.   Users: 39.76% increase New Users: 39.46% increase Sessions: 45.73% increase Pageviews: 77.61% increase Bounce Rate: 8.54% decrease. These changes are in a good direction. I

CloudFront has Reports now

Amazon announced that CloudFront Usage Charts is available in Report and Analytics. We are excited to let you know that you can now view your Amazon CloudFront usage with CloudFront Usage Charts, six new charts in the AWS Management Console. You can use the charts to track trends in data transfer and requests (both HTTP

Could be last AirCare inspection

I did the AirCare vehicle inspection this Monday.  It is required by my auto-insurance renewal letter. As we living in BC, ICBC is the only insurance company we can purchase basic auto insurance. We can buy excess third party liability or umbrella policy from other company. ICBC also issue driver license, vehicle registration, etc. It

Google Analytics Report

It is the third day. I check the report provided by Google Analytics. The chart looks so clear and beautiful. After 24 hours collecting visitor information, the report is coming today. The first one will be seen is Executive Overview.There are four main charts as below: The Visits and Pageviews show us how many visits