Umami is a simple, fast, privacy-focused, open-source analytics solution. It is a cool tool.  I saw someone install Umami from source code or docker. I am a lazy man. So I just signed up and started to use the cloud version of Umami.

The free plan of Umami Cloud is Hoppy.

  • Upto 10K monthly events
  • Upto 3 websites
  • 1 year data retention
  • Community support

Signup, Add site, and Get the code.

Add the code snippet into the header of WordPress through CM Header & Footer Script Loader Free Version.

Umami has built-in reporting to help you gain deeper insights into your data. Together, these reports offer a comprehensive understanding of user behavior, satisfaction, and opportunities for optimization.

  • Insights – Dive deeper into your data by using segments and filters.
  • Funnel – Understand the conversion and drop-off rate of users.
  • Retention – Measure your website stickiness by tracking how often users return.

It is very simple to install. I like the dashboard and realtime information. Easy to read.

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