It is January 2024. This month, I have a challenge of Blogging. It is to publish one post per day.

It’s very hard for me. I have never tried it before. I will focus on blogging only. I will not make a target of the web traffic of this blog. It doesn’t mean it is not important.

Look at the basic information of the past month and this month.

Awstats report on Dec. 2023.

Total 18,356 unique visitors, 29,453 visits, 130,870 pages.

Matomo report on Dec. 2023

4590 visits

In Dec 2023, I made 7 posts. My plan is one post per day. The minimum is 20 posts a month.

Do you think I can make it?

Up today, I made seven posts this month.

There are fewer and fewer bloggers to do the blogging.  If you are a blogger and you are also doing the same challenge, you can comment below and we can do it together.


David Yin

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