I have been using Cloudflare R2 for Mastodon media storage for almost a week. Let me see what the status of this bucket is and how much storage it takes.

The Cloudflare R2 Bucket information

See, the Bucket size is 1.91 GB.

Check it with the command tool

mastodon@instance-20230911-1538:~/live/bin$ ./tootctl media usage
Attachments:    2.0 GB (75.9 MB local)
Custom emoji:   109.6 MB (269.8 KB local)
Preview cards:  13.6 MB
Avatars:        62.4 MB (19.4 KB local)
Headers:        149.2 MB (85.5 KB local)
Backups:        0 字节
Imports:        0 字节
Settings:       289.6 KB

Mastodon Administrator

Media storage 2.35GB.

AWS tools

I run the command to configure the account first.

The command to check each file is ./aws s3 ls s3://mtd-files --recursive --human-readable --summarize --endpoint-url=https://00e73fde5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx65f0.r2.cloudflarestorage.com/

./aws s3 ls s3://mtd-files --recursive --human-readable --summarize --endpoint-url=https://00e73fde5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx65f0.r2.cloudflarestorage.com/

2023-12-26 18:31:31  921.2 KiB site_uploads/files/000/000/001/@1x/e3ec37d23a03022d.png
2023-12-26 18:31:29    2.6 MiB site_uploads/files/000/000/001/@2x/e3ec37d23a03022d.png
2023-12-26 18:31:29  207.3 KiB site_uploads/files/000/000/001/original/e3ec37d23a03022d.png
2023-12-26 18:31:29   82.4 KiB site_uploads/files/000/000/002/original/890882fce4f6f2d5.png

Total Objects: 15672
   Total Size: 1.8 GiB


The total size is 1.8GiB.

1.8Gib = 1.93274GB.

The Price: Free Quota.

Free Paid – Rates
Storage 10 GB / month $0.015 / GB-month
Class A Operations 1 million requests / month $4.50 / million requests
Class B Operations 10 million requests / month $0.36 / million requests

I can sit and relax for years. I think it takes a lot of time to over the Free Quota limit.

David Yin

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