The title tells the main purpose of this post.

I want to know exactly how much space I took on Backblaze B2 storage.

I have one bucket named x-media on it. Sign in to the Backblaze and see the dashboard.

The current size is 28.6GB. Current files 133,662.

I already turned off version controls. So, each file has one version only.

I run the command to check all the files on the B2 through the command awscl.

~/.local/bin$ ./aws s3 ls s3://x-media --recursive --human-readable --summarize --endpoint-url=
2023-11-30 02:50:07 26.3 KiB media_attachments/files/xxx/xxx/110/459/308/433/small/c9db0824a8fd9152.png
Total Objects: 34084
Total Size: 9.7 GiB

The recursive listed all the files and got the summary of the total of 9.7GiB. There is a huge difference between 9.7Gib and 28.6GB. I don’t know why.

My friend told me that a 5 to 10% difference is OK based on his experience.  Or maybe it is not updated (every 24hrs update).


This bucket is used by my Mastodon instance.  The media storage reported from it is 8.5GB now. It was 8.36GB yesterday.


There is another object storage provider, Cloudflare R2. I will take a test run on it later.



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