I use Google Analytics to track this blog for many years. It did help me to understand much more of the readers.
Now Google Analytics has some new features released. The first thing I would like to add on my blog is Site Speed track.
The way to add it into the existing tracking code is just add following line:


Why Google implement this new feature?
My answer is Site speed / page load speed.
It is more important than before in the factors of Search Engine Optimization.
Google treat site speed as one of the most important factors of 100+ factors.

Actually we can use Yahoo YSlow, or Google PageSpeed to get the speed of page load from my own desktop. Both tools are Firefox plugins. The problem is this result is based on my Internet connection, distance from my desktop to server. I am just one sample. The result has meaning for me only. Not for the site.
Google Analytics site speed can track all readers from their own places. It can get more accurate figure.
Now, I added the new code. Let us see how about it next week.

David Yin

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