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Universal Analytics: Out of beta

The day after April Fool, Google announced Universal Analytics is out of beta. I have already switch my tracking code from the original old code to Universal Analytics code. Nothing need be changed on my sites. The only benefit form the official release is, more features come out. Feature parity with Classic Analytics, new reports,

What are utma, utmb, utmc, utmz cookies

I use Firefox YSlow plugin to check web site performance. It is quite good tool for developer. The cookies named _utma , _utmb, _utmc and _utmz come from those websites that using Google Analytics as site analytic or tracking. The main purpose of it is to track web site user visit activities. The cookies names

Google Analytics Report

It is the third day. I check the report provided by Google Analytics. The chart looks so clear and beautiful. After 24 hours collecting visitor information, the report is coming today. The first one will be seen is Executive Overview.There are four main charts as below: The Visits and Pageviews show us how many visits

I got Google Analytics invitation

I received a Google Analytics invitation code this morning. I almost forget it after about four or five monthes waiting. The website analytic systems I used over a year are including Awstats and sitemeter. Based on my experience, Awstats is a perfect web site log file analytic system. It provide a detail report. The weakness