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How to use Google Analytics Solutions Gallery

It is a list of Google Analytics Solutions.


For example, Choose the 4th most popular dashboard, SEO Dashboard – Finding Top Content and Keywords.


The details of this SEO Dashboard shown as above. If you like it, click Import button. Otherwise, just click back to list to choose the other Dashboard.


Then, choose the site, or property you want to implement to, and click Create button.


Google Analytics will be shown as above, to display the SEO Dashboard report, click the navigation bar left, click Dashboard, Private, SEO Dashboard.

The SEO dashboard above is just an example, not a recommendation. You’d better to pick the one you like from the Google Analytics | Solutions Gallery.


Universal Analytics: Out of beta

The day after April Fool, Google announced Universal Analytics is out of beta.

I have already switch my tracking code from the original old code to Universal Analytics code. Nothing need be changed on my sites. The only benefit form the official release is, more features come out.

Feature parity with Classic Analytics, new reports, better user-centric analysis

When Google first introduced Universal Analytics and ran the beta trial, the number one request from users was for full access to all Google Analytics features and tools. Bringing Universal Analytics out of beta means that all the features, reports, and tools of Classic Analytics are now available in the product, including Remarketing and Audience reporting.

Yes, Audience reporting is back.


Time Zone Based Processing: Fresher, more timely data

Updates to the Measurement Protocol: User Agent / IP Override

I will keep using Google Analytics for web site logging and analysis. It is a great tool for free.

What are utma, utmb, utmc, utmz cookies

I use Firefox YSlow plugin to check web site performance. It is quite good tool for developer.

The cookies named _utma , _utmb, _utmc and _utmz come from those websites that using Google Analytics as site analytic or tracking. The main purpose of it is to track web site user visit activities.

The cookies names likely come from the very early version called the Urchin Tracking, and now it is ga.js.


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Add Google Analytics new features

I use Google Analytics to track this blog for many years. It did help me to understand much more of the readers.
Now Google Analytics has some new features released. The first thing I would like to add on my blog is Site Speed track.
The way to add it into the existing tracking code is just add following line:


Why Google implement this new feature?
My answer is Site speed / page load speed.
It is more important than before in the factors of Search Engine Optimization.
Google treat site speed as one of the most important factors of 100+ factors.

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Google Analytics Report

It is the third day. I check the report provided by Google Analytics. The chart looks so clear and beautiful.
After 24 hours collecting visitor information, the report is coming today.
The first one will be seen is Executive Overview.There are four main charts as below:
The Visits and Pageviews show us how many visits and pageviews in the specifiy date range.
The Geo Map Overlay display the visits’ geographic location in the world based on the city.

Visits by New or returning tell us how may visits are new visits by percentage.
Visits by Source organized the visits by referrals. Just tell us where the user came from or how did they find our site.

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I got Google Analytics invitation

I received a Google Analytics invitation code this morning. I almost forget it after about four or five monthes waiting.
The website analytic systems I used over a year are including Awstats and sitemeter. Based on my experience, Awstats is a perfect web site log file analytic system. It provide a detail report.
The weakness is it is not realtime. I use it as a history log tool.
Sitemeter is an online service, which can let me know who is on my site now. It is an realtime tool. The cons is it has not detail history record, only the latest 20 100 record wil be viewd as a free service.
Google Analytics is free because of my site is under 5 million pageviews per day. I don’t need an AdWords account to link to it.
I added some site profiles into this Google Analytics account. It need 24 hours to collect enough data to display the report.

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