I got Google Analytics invitation

I received a Google Analytics invitation code this morning. I almost forget it after about four or five monthes waiting.
The website analytic systems I used over a year are including Awstats and sitemeter. Based on my experience, Awstats is a perfect web site log file analytic system. It provide a detail report.
The weakness is it is not realtime. I use it as a history log tool.
Sitemeter is an online service, which can let me know who is on my site now. It is an realtime tool. The cons is it has not detail history record, only the latest 20 100 record wil be viewd as a free service.
Google Analytics is free because of my site is under 5 million pageviews per day. I don’t need an AdWords account to link to it.
I added some site profiles into this Google Analytics account. It need 24 hours to collect enough data to display the report.

The sample report is something like this one:

Based on the description of Google Analytics, It will tell you how isitors interact with your website and identify the navigational bottlenecks that keep them from completing your conversion goals.
Pinpoint where your best customers come from and which markets are most profitable to you.
Will post more details later when Google Analytics collect enough data.


  1. Actually, the free version of Site Meter shows the details of the last 100 visitors.

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