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Using Technology to Avoid Employee Time Theft

Employee time theft is a growing problem that many companies face. When employees steal time from their companies, it causes huge losses in profits that can mean disaster for the bottom line. Avoiding employee time theft on the job means that you can save money and keep up employee morale at work. How Employees Steal

SPA-2002 Daylight Saving Time setting

The phone connected with my VOIP adapter, SPA-2002, is always get the wrong time. You know, we live in North America, with Daylight Saving Time. The clock of phone will update depending on the time info from the VOIP adapter. Even I change the phone set time manually, it will changed back next day. So

Who is home

Based on the article of Time magazine, Canadian edition, who’s home. In US, large families are vanishing: only 10% of U.S. households have five or more people. In 1970, 21% did. One third of households have just two people( that includes older couples whose children are grown.) More than 37 milliion Americans are older than