Who is home

Based on the article of Time magazine, Canadian edition, who’s home.
In US, large families are vanishing: only 10% of U.S. households have five or more people. In 1970, 21% did.
One third of households have just two people( that includes older couples whose children are grown.)
More than 37 milliion Americans are older than 65. Among those 65 to 74, 1 in 4 is still working.
In the household which is married couples with children. 64% are both parents work, 30% are husban works only, 4% are wife works only.
In the household which is single parents, say single mother, 62% working, 15% not working. For single father, 21% working, 2% not working.
Let’s see more data.
There are 24.2 milliion households which are married couples with children under 18.
8 million – unmarried, no children.
31.4 millioin – married couples, no children at home.
11 million – unmarried, with children under 18.
37 million – nonfamily households, a person living alone, unrelated people living together or people in group settings.