Tax Decuctions you may Overlook

These Deductions are only work on the Blogger, like you or me.
Don’t get caught leaving money on the table. Here’s a list of potential deductions that you might have overlooked. Consider:
1. Monthly Hosting Fees or Annual Hosting Plan.
2. Annual Domain Costs, say $8 each per year
3. Design/Logo Fees
4. Internet access fees – this clearly includes DSL, Cable or dial-up, but don’t forget charges that you might pay away from your home or office such as wi-fi charges in Internet cafes
5. Paid blogging platform charges (such as Typepad monthly charges or add ons through WordPress)
6. Cell phone usage
7. Long distance usage related to your blog – remember that the IRS will not allow you to deduct the cost of your primary land line but you may deduct long distance charges
8. Second phone line for business or fax
9. Design or word processing software – this includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Word and similar programs for business use
10. Computers
11. Keyboards, mice and other periphery
12. Web cameras
13. Digital cameras – and memory cards
14. Film processing for traditional cameras
15. Costs paid to use or reproduce images
16. Downloaded music or other audio
17. Blackberry, Treo, iPhone charges
18. Business cards
19. Headshots for web site or promotional materials
20. Letterhead – remember that printed materials not be professionally printed to be deductible!
21. Promotional stickers and items – Frisbees, magnets, etc.
22. Web advertising – text and banner ads including AdWords,
23. SEO services,
24. Paid site submissions
25. Prizes for giveaways and contests
26. Postage – it’s impossible to keep track of every single stamp that you use in your business, so buy a sheet or two and keep them in a folder just for business use
27. Post box fees – I recommend this if you’re working from home, it looks professional, it’s inexpensive and it keeps sales people from showing up on your doorstep late at night
28. Transportation – this includes mileage for car transportation, train and bus fare for public transit, cab fare, airline tickets, so keep a good transportation log is better way.
29. Dining while away on business
30. Hotel charges for overnight conventions and business travel
31. Entertainment for clients
32. Professional advice (from lawyers, accountants and tax preparers)
33. Tax software, like Quicken Tax
34. Accounting software
35. Copy paper, memo pads, photo paper
36. Office supplies – pens, folders and post-its can add up!
37. Books, magazines and subscriptions
38. Professional affiliation and membership dues
39. Professional informational sites (like imdbPro)
40. Paid research sites (like LEXIS/NEXIS)
41. Trademark fees and related costs
42. Conference fees – such as for BlogHer and BlogExpo
43. Promotional sponsorships – golf holes at tournaments, that sort of thing
44. Charitable donations – limited to the cost of the production, not the FMV of the final product (in other words, if you blog about quilts and you donate a quilt, your deduction is limited to the cost of the quilt materials, not the FMV of the quilt)
45. Backup tapes
46. Zip drives
It is not easy to track every each item above. I always recommend that you can make a clear list and prepare some record paper to log each one by your pencil.
(The list are based on the 46 Tax Deductions that Bloggers Often Overlook)