During last week, you may find my Blog is unavailable sometime. This blog was hosted at a home server for 3 years. Because of the dynamic IP address changing from time to time by Shaw, my ISP, I would plan to move it to a hosting company. My plan was in 2008.
Last Monday morning, I found the IP address changed again. So I decided to change my plan and do it now.
So I moved almost all sites running on this home server to DreamHost.. it took me about 4 days to finish it.
The services involved including: DNS server, Web Server, FTP server, Email server.
I do it very carefully. Move the site one by one.
Now this post you see now, is runing on the Dreamhost.

David Yin

David is a blogger, geek, and web developer — founder of FreeInOutBoard.com. If you like his post, you can say thank you here

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