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Website Directory for you

G2links is a family friendly directory, which keeps growing. I upgrade this web directory to latest version. You can submit your site with confidence. For web users, you can use the site link of the directory. It is safe. Every site, or every link is reviewed by an human editor. No spam link on it.

Stay away from Google Money Scams

When you suffer websites, you may see these kind of Google Money Scam ads. It tells that you can make thousands money without any computer skills from Google. It is really Scam. Google officially provide the information about How to steer clear of money scams. It does help to identify which is the trick.

Web Analytics an hour a day

I ordered two books from Chapters online. The most important one is “Web Analytics An Hour a Day”. Written by Avinash Kaushik. Which is published in 2007. Let me show you some content of this book. A Step-by-Step Guide Learn web analytics the right way with this unique, thoroughly modern guide to today’s web analytics

2008 Traffic Report

I posted 203 posts in 2008 here. It is not many but still OK compared with the average blogger posts. Let’s look at the traffic of 2008. You can find the traffic is very stably. This is a standard Blog traffic report. Most visitors are new visitors. Bounce rate is higher than the regular website.

7 sites teach you how to type

To learn typing is a small step for some people. I learned it in two weeks and know how to use my ten fingers. But for someone, it is tooooo difficult to use all ten fingers. They just use the index one, like my elder daughter, Grace. Now I want to introduce these seven sites

HTTP Status code

I would like to make a small tool, which can detect the HTTP status of webpage. The status code will be used are listed as below: Successful Client Requests 200 OK 201 Created 202 Accepted 203 Non-Authorative Information 204 No Content 205 Reset Content 206 Partial Content Client Request Redirected 300 Multiple Choices 301 Moved

G2Soft has a clear look now

My open-source software site, G2Soft.Net is re-designed. It is based on the HTML and CSS standards. I removed the table layout and used DIV and CSS for the main layout. The standard is much important thing we need to follow. I do like my new design. I don’t change the Home page. The home page

Site Meter changes face

Site Meter is the one of the Most important provider in free web analytics tools. You know, the Google Analytics redesigned their interface. I don’t want to repeat it because lots of bloggers are mentioning it in their blogs. So, Site Meter start to change its face and internal things. Site Meter launched a new