You may be noticed that this Blog can not be accessed yesterday. It is caused by hard disk failure.
The old SATA It is just passed one year. Based on the original one year warranty. This drive is out of warranty.
The quality control is so good. Maxtor said it is one year warranty. Disk failure happened when I use it about 380 days.
Ok, let me take a look at this new disk.
I have no time to shop around. Just go to FutureShop to catch this one.
I paid $124 including tax.
Maxtor 200GB 7200RPM Ultra Series Hard Drive Kit
Average Seek Time is 9.3ms, Data Buffer is 8 MB
Some strange thing is here.
The warranty period shown on Future Shop’s website is 1 year, and the label on the box.
I go to Maxtor website. Their warranty service page shown as below:

Maxtor retail-packaged products purchased on or after October 1, 2006 will carry the following Maxtor Standard Worldwide Warranty.
3 years warranty for ATA/SATA Internal Hard Drive Kits on North America

But, when I enter the s/n to check the warranty period here, it shows me one year only.
Finally I got it. Maxtor is now bought by Seagate. The most important notice is:

As of December 9th, 2006 warranty services for all Maxtor products are now fully supported through Seagate’s warranty services. To obtain warranty support for your product please proceed to the Seagate Warranty Support page for assistance.

I think the three year warranty is provide by Seagate.
I double checked it on Seagate web site. It is really three year warranty.
That’s good.
I hope this harddisk can work longer than the old one.

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