Now a lot of website owner find some malicious code hide in their webpages. Some are put by hacker.
The codes are also encoded. Webmaster can not remove the malicious code from the original html codes, they are all mixed.
Now, this tools is help you to decode it and find out.
The program name is Windows Script Decoder. The site is not available anymore.
You can download it from official site or download file here.
It is a command line tool. The usage is very simply.

scrdec18 [-cp codepage] [-urldec|-htmldec] [-verbose] [-dumb]

If you use following codepage try following number.
932 Japanese
936 Chinese (Simplified)
950 Chinese (Traditional)
949 Korean (Wansung)
1361 Korean (Johab)
This tool is so good. I used it yesterday. All smoothly.

David Yin

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