I heard a lot of time that the Dreamhost is so powerful and it has so many included features others doesn’t.
Yesterday night, I made a order with the saving coupon.
It cost me USD93.8 in the first two years. The average cost per year is USD46.9.
If I paid year by year, it will take me USD141.8 for first two years.
The calculation is shown as below:
One-Year Pre-payment: 9.95/month
So: 9.95X12=119.4/year
Use one coupon to save USD97.
Then 119.4-97 = 22.4 is the first year.
The price of following year will come back to the original price without coupon. 119.4/year.
Two-Year Pre-Payment: 7.95/month
So: 7.95X24 = 190.8/two year
Use one coupon to save USD97
Then 190.8 – 97 = 93.8 for two years.
Now you know, why I bought two year pre-payment plan on it.
In the two year term, I can save USD97 if I pay it year by year. I can save more when I pay it every two year. It save me $145
I’d like to share this promo code


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