1and1 Hosting Beginner no Zend Optimizer but Great for WordPress

I just switch my hosting plan from MS Beginner to Linux Beginner package. The switching is OK.
Even I find so many problems, I still want to keep my hosting plan on 1and1.
One more issue is the Linux Beginner package does not support Zend Optimizer. Only when I upgrade to Business Hosting or above, I can install the Zend Optimizer through SSH. Please refer to the 1and1’s FAQ.
Some programs I download need it. I have to give up and choose another program.
I may say Great, because of easy installation of WordPress on it.
To Install a WordPress Just three steps.
1) Create a MySQL database in 1and1 control panel. Get the information of database.
2) Download the latest WordPress from its official site. Decompress it and modify the wp-config.php file based on the information got from step 1.
3) Upload all files into the server, and load http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin/install.php. Follow the instruction on pages and done.


  1. 1and1 Basic doesn’t support Zend Optimizer by default. But you could get it installed if you contact support. I just got it installed in my domain by contacting their support. They rock man!

  2. hi there, thanks for the tutorial… i’ve just signed up with 1and1.. and actually imported an old db from another host space.. the blog and all plugins were working fine, but now i’m experiencing a number of internal server error 500’s… some when plugins are activated, and also randomly when searching through the page. even the wordpress dashboard has some error 500 messages. on top of that the mange->posts screen is not displaying anything… besides that everything else seems okay. did you run into any issues like that? any clues what could be wrong?

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