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1&1: Domain price increase

Most of my domains are located on 1&1 for many years. Got the email from it a few days ago, regarding the price change of domain. We are writing today to inform you that as a result of recent price increases by the major domain registries, we need to increase the annual rates for .com

How to upgrade phpBB on 1and1

In the end of last year, I helped a charity society upgrade their forum from phpBB2 to phpBB 3. They host their web site and phpBB forum on 1and1 Business hosting plan. I did have much experience on upgrading, updating phpBB etc. The procedures of upgrade from phpBB 2 to phpBB 3 are posted here,

How to enable php5 at 1and1

With 1&1 Linux hosting packages you have the choice between PHP4, PHP5 and PHP6. 1&1 Web Hosting packages use PHP4 as default for all .php files. Why 1and1 still using php4 as default? It is too old. A lot of program are not support php4 any more. Just like phpBB 3. You may choose to

1and1 problems

For 1and1 hosting plan, I have so many problems with them and phoned them many times. 1) The MS Beginner package. Very slow, and many downtime. Even they reimburse me, I have to move one of my site to my own server to keep my Users happy. 2) Domain name DNS setting. yinfor.com and www.yinfor.com