Most of my domains are located on 1&1 for many years.

Got the email from it a few days ago, regarding the price change of domain.

We are writing today to inform you that as a result of recent price increases by the major domain registries, we need to increase the annual rates for .com domains. In order for 1&1 to stay competitive and continue to offer you excellent services, we have made the following adjustments to our pricing structure.

For domain renewals and new orders as of 07/01/2012, the following domain
rate changes will apply:

*.com domain renewals will be increased from $9.99
to $10.99 per year.

The new price for your domain(s) will be applied to your next domain
renewal after July 1, 2012.

1&1 is committed to offering very competitive prices and professional
services in the domain environment and we hope to continue to meet and
surpass your service expectations.

Now it will be increased to $10.99.
I was shopping around and did not find better domain price.

For example,
Yahoo Small Business Domain:
1-year term: $9.95
2-year term: $19.90
3-year term: $29.85
5-year term: $49.75
Godaddy domain price
$12.99/year Plus ICANN fee of 18¢ per domain year.

So, I will keep using 1&1 domain in the recent future.

For a long term solution, I put domains at 1&1, hosting with Dreamhost for sharing hosting, and for VPS. If I am not happy with any one of the hosting or I found the better one, it will be very easy to transfer the hosting to others, in one day or less.

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