12 Tips to Increase Page Views on your Blog

There are a lot of articles on the Internet, telling you how to increase your blog web traffic. It is hard job, especially for a new blogger. I knew it. Because I am also start from a newbie.
Now, this blog, David Yin’s Blog is more than 8 years. If you check the archives, you may find the first post on October 19, 2004. Only three lines there.
I want share some tips to you. Actually 12 tips. To show you the ways to increase Page View on your Blog.
Be remarkable
If you already has some in a niche, that’s great. You can save a lot of time and work to make you remarkable.
If you do not have it. It takes time to build it.
Become an expert
Focus on one niche. Be prepared. You have to do a lot of homework to learn anything related to the niche you picked. Get more materials and have them on hand. Any time do it professionally.
Submit to Article Directories
It is a regular job. When you have some great article, submit it to article directories. Let them to spread your article, with the link of your original post.
You know, you are an expert, your knowledge is very helpful to others. That’s why they are willing to list your article on their directory.
Provide enough information
Any article you post on your Blog. You need provide at least one useful information. Do not waste your reader’s time. And your own time.
Provide enough information. Let the visitor came and found what they are looking for. Help them, then they will show their appreciate by visiting again.

Learn from other bloggers
Yes. As a new blogger, learn from other bloggers is a simply and easy way to know what is right, what is wrong.
See how they are doing, follow them.
Most of bloggers are happy to help others, if they have time.
So if you have question, you can ask them by email or comment.
Forum participation
Join the forums of your niche. Contribute your knowledge into it. Let them have a feeling that you are the expert of this topic. You can give them advice to solve the problem they have.
The more your participation, the more you will get from them.
Do remember to put the link of your blog into your forum signature.
Guest Blogging
Now your blog has some traffic. You get some regular visitor. You can ask to be a guest blog on the other Blog. You can also ask other blogger provide guest post on your blog.
It is a good way to exchange traffic. It increase your traffic too.
Search Engine Optimize is an on-going job. Make your blog easily crawling by Search Engine bots. Make your blog running faster. Let visitors land on the page smoothly at what they are searching.
It is a huge topic. I do recommend you to learn some SEO technology, just for your own blog. If you do not know how to do it. Ask the SEO expert.
Google+, Facebook Like, Digg, StumbleUpOn, Twitter
Use these social tools on your blog and your life. Just few days ago, Google announced that they will implement the Google+ content into Google search.
Add the social buttons on your blog. Let visitor share the content on the social media or their groups.
WebPage speed improvement
Yes. WebPage Speed, I put it as a separate point. Use Yslow to test your blog. Use Webpagetest.org free service to test the loading time of your blog. Use Google Analytics to see your site speed.
Then improve the load speed. Best practice is to keep the time into two seconds. It means when visitor click the link of your Blog, the webpage is showing within two seconds.
Web Analytics
Web Analytics is a tool to help you track your Blog. It gives you a insight of your Blog. I would like to recommend Google Analytics to you. It is fast and easy to implement.
The above 12 tips is introduced here very briefly. I will extend them soon.
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