How to install or upgrade to phpMyAdmin 3.4.9

phpMyAdmin 3.4.9, a bugfix release with minor security fixes.
I use the old version for a long time.
To upgrade to phpMyAdmin 3.4.9, just download it and extract it.
It is not recommended to overwrite the old version. So install it into a new folder is safer.
After extract to a new folder. I tried the installation with its setup script.

The following guide is get from Quick Install of phpMyAdmin Wiki
Instead of manually editing, you can use the setup script (not available in some distibutions like opensuse). First you must manually create the folder config in the phpMyAdmin directory. This is a security measure. On a Linux/Unix system you can use the following commands:

cd phpMyAdmin
mkdir config                        # create directory for saving
chmod o+rw config                   # give it world writable permissions

And to edit an existing configuration, copy it over first:

cp config/           # copy current configuration for editing
chmod o+w config/     # give it world writable permissions

On other platforms, simply create the folder and ensure that your web server has read and write access to it. FAQ 1.26 can help with this.
Next, open http://your_host/path/to/phpMyAdmin/setup/ (pma2.x: http://your_host/path/to/phpMyAdmin/scripts/setup.php) in your browser (substituting the correct path information). Note that changes are not saved to disk until you explicitly choose Save from the Configuration area of the screen. Don’t fill in any controluser or pmamyqdmin db on first setup (or you will have trouble with auth type cookie or http login). Normally the script saves the new to the config/ subdirectory, but if the web server does not have the proper permissions you may see the error “Cannot load or save configuration.” Ensure that the config/ directory exists and has the proper permissions – or use the Download link to save the config file locally and upload (via FTP or some similar means) to the proper location.
Once the file has been saved, it must be moved out of the config/ directory and the permissions must be reset, again as a security measure:

mv config/ .         # move file to current (phpMyAdmin/) directory
chmod o-rw          # remove world read and write permissions

Now the file is ready to be used. You can choose to review or edit the file with your favorite editor, if you prefer to set some advanced options which the setup script does not provide. In safe_mode the owner of the file must be the one php runs under.

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