After I upgrade my server from php 5.2 to php 5.3.3, I need XCache to accelerate my phpBB.
I did an installation from source. Then when I run command to check php version, it shew.

~/src # wget
~/src # tar vzxf xcache-2*.tar.gz
~/src # cd xcache-2.0.0
~/src/xcache-2.0.0 # phpize
~/src/xcache-2.0.0 $ ./configure --enable-xcache
~/src/xcache-2.0.0 $ make
~/src/xcache-2.0.0 # make install
~/src/xcache-2.0.0 # cp xcache.ini /etc/php.d/
~/src/xcache-2.0.0 #

Now edit xcache.ini with vi

~/src/xcache-2.0.0 # vi /etc/php.d/xcache.ini

Comment zend_extension and zend_extension_ts, and un-comment extension =
Then, add your own password for xcache.admin with md5 result of your pass.

Then restart Apache web server to make it work.

~/src/xcache-2.0.0 # service httpd restart

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