It is one of my new year resolutions. Because I always have a lot of new year resolutions, I make it as simple as possible this time.
Double the web traffic of blog in thirty days.
First of all, I have to evaluate the base of it.
During the last five months, the monthly average PV is 17,950, UV is 12,312.
How to do the calculation of the double my traffic is easy. I want my blog has 35,900 Pageview or 24,624 UV.

So, during the next 30 days, I will change the frequency of blogging, change the output of this blog, or maybe modify the theme or templates. I will do more marketing of my Blog, implement social network system marketing too.
I will post what I do and the results of them here. You will see it if you keep tracking it here.
It is a little bit later, but I still want to say Happy New Year!

David Yin

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