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Result of 30 days work

I have a Blog Target in 30 days.
During these days, I put a lot of effort on it and see the traffic is growing.
Now it is the time to show my results to you.
The last five month average traffic is: PV is 17,950, UV is 12,312.
The last 30 days, it means from Jan 1 to Jan 30.
PV is 22,414, UV is 15,004.
There is 25% increase on Pageview, 22% increase on UV.
Not bad, even it is not meet my goal, which is double the traffic.

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Submit my blog to 57 Search Engines

I promised to post the steps I take to improve the web traffic of my blog. Here is one of the step. Submit my blog to almost all search engines in the world which accept English web sites.
I use the program, called IBP. The search engine submitting function is so good. I don not have to type the address and filling the information of my blog and click submit button. One search by one search engine.
Now, I just need to prepare my blog information inside of IBP, then choose search engines from the list and click submit. About 5 minutes, all 57 Search Engines get my submissions.
The following are details of these 57 search Engines. If you want, you can key in these web address and submit your site.

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Blog Target in 30 days – Double the web traffic in thirty days

It is one of my new year resolutions. Because I always have a lot of new year resolutions, I make it as simple as possible this time.
Double the web traffic of blog in thirty days.
First of all, I have to evaluate the base of it.
During the last five months, the monthly average PV is 17,950, UV is 12,312.
How to do the calculation of the double my traffic is easy. I want my blog has 35,900 Pageview or 24,624 UV.

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