I have a Blog Target in 30 days.
During these days, I put a lot of effort on it and see the traffic is growing.
Now it is the time to show my results to you.
The last five month average traffic is: PV is 17,950, UV is 12,312.
The last 30 days, it means from Jan 1 to Jan 30.
PV is 22,414, UV is 15,004.
There is 25% increase on Pageview, 22% increase on UV.
Not bad, even it is not meet my goal, which is double the traffic.

I did another comparing.
2010/1/1 – 2010/1/30 vs 2011/1/1 – 2011/1/30
It has a big increase about 45%.
So, it is clear that the method I used is good. I will keep blogging and share more interesting stuff and my experience of blogging.

David Yin

David is a blogger, geek, and web developer — founder of FreeInOutBoard.com. If you like his post, you can say thank you here

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