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Browser, OS and Screen Resolution data of 2011

I use Google Analytics on this Blog for many years. Now I would like to share the basic user technology statistics.
The Top 5 Browsers of 2011 are:

  • Firefox 35.36%
  • IE 25.89%
  • Chrome 21.56%
  • Safari 12.33%
  • Opera 1.93%

When I compare the first half year with the second half year data, Firefox and IE decreased, with Chrome increased.
More people start to use Chrome.
The Top 5 Operating System of 2011 are:

  • Windows 71.1%
  • Linux 9.67%
  • Mac 9.30%
  • iPhone 4.30%
  • Android 1.74%

I also compared the date. It seems more mobile devices visitor came.

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Result of 30 days work

I have a Blog Target in 30 days.
During these days, I put a lot of effort on it and see the traffic is growing.
Now it is the time to show my results to you.
The last five month average traffic is: PV is 17,950, UV is 12,312.
The last 30 days, it means from Jan 1 to Jan 30.
PV is 22,414, UV is 15,004.
There is 25% increase on Pageview, 22% increase on UV.
Not bad, even it is not meet my goal, which is double the traffic.

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